Girls break the mold for homecoming

By Amina Ahmed and Sandy Hoang

Castaneda asked her date to homecoming with a bouquet of chicken wings.

As the homecoming dance approaches, homecoming proposals have been gathering large crowds on campus and plaguing Facebook news feeds. Traditionally, boys ask girls to be their dates. However, some girls have started deviating from the norm.

Some girls prefer to ask boys to homecoming to show their creativity as well as their spontaneity. Sabrina Castaneda (’14) asked her date to homecoming by leaving small, handmade trinkets and notes in each of his classes. The last note led him to the front office after fourth period, where she was waiting with a bouquet of fried chicken.

“I really do think that the guy should ask the girl; I’m all for tradition,” Castaneda said. “However, I asked out my guy because it’s something completely out of my comfort zone and I really wanted to impress him! And I knew he’d say yes.”

Others believe girls should take the initiative more often.

“Girls asking guys in today’s day and age is perfectly normal,” Christine Phan (’14) said. If anything, I would even say that it’s almost as expected as a guy asking a girl. Sure, it’s nice to have a guy ask, but if a girl asks a guy to homecoming instead, more power to her.”

However, some students believe that the tradition should be preserved.

“I think that girls should never have to ask a guy to homecoming,” Frank Cao (’14) said. “If she feels the need to go with someone, she should just go with her friends. All girls deserve to be asked to homecoming.”

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